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BRIC 2019

This year’s host:  Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval

This year’s host: Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval

Thank-you to all who participated in BRIC 2019 and contributed to making BRIC 2019 such a success. Event updates to follow.

Join us on May 15-16 at l’Université Laval in Quebec City!

BRIC 2019 - third annual conference!

Join your colleagues from across Canada for the 3rd Bibliometrics and Research Impact Community (BRIC) Conference. This two-day conference aims to advance the skills of librarians and information professionals in supporting research impact analysis and services. The 2019 event will bring together the diverse community that forms the BRI world: information providers (such as librarians and analysts) and information requestors (stakeholders such as directors, managers, etc). Participants will come together to exchange tips, learn practical techniques, and hear about how Bibliometrics & Research Impact are being applied in different institutions.


Final program now available (last updated: May 14th, 2019)

Organizing committee

The Organizing Committee includes: Deirdre Moore (Natural Resources Canada), Eve Richard (Université Laval), George Duimovich (Carleton University), Jeffrey Demaine, and Shannon Gordon (University of Waterloo).


Pavillon d'Optique, photonique et laser (COPL), Université Laval / Laval University
Room 1168,
2375, rue de la Terrasse | Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
More details - includes campus map, parking and transit info (pdf)

Selected accommodation options

Pre-conference event

The Web of Science Group First Canadian InCites Forum

This event is organized and sponsored separately from our BRIC Conference but is co-located on the Laval campus and taking place the day before - register for the forum here.


Altmetrics, bibliometrics, open metrics, researcher profiles, research evaluation, scholarly communications, visualizing research trends, and much more…

Our Perspectives

We are librarians, information specialists and others working together with and supporting BRI initiatives for our researchers, senior academic staff, facilitators, administrators and funding agencies.

BRIC 2019 sponsors



BRIC 2018

Organized by University of Waterloo, Université de Laval, and Carleton University.

BRIC 2017

Organized by the University of Waterloo, Université de Laval, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), McGill University and Carleton University.