BRIC 2018

Hosted at Carleton University
May 15-16th, 2018

We expanded to a 2 day format for our 2018 event, but was the interest still there? Indeed, we sold out quickly and once again exceeded our anticipated capacity.

Organizers for BRIC 2018, held at Carleton University’s MacOdrum Library in Ottawa included:

  • Eve Richard, Université Laval

  • Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

  • Jeffrey Demaine, University of Waterloo

  • George Duimovich, Carleton University

topics covered by speakers

Presentations - Day One

  • Ethics in researcher Impact Services in UOttawa
    Jeanette Anne Hatherill, University of Ottawa

  • Sleeping Beauties at Waterloo
    Jeffrey Demaine University of Waterloo

  • Hands-on workshop
    Brooke Struck Science-Metrix

  • Data visualization
    Janice Kung & Thane Chambers, University of Alberta

  • Tracking academic research cited in patents
    Michael White Queens University

  • Implementing SciVal at a public sector research Library
    Beeta Pach Public Health Ontario

  • B-index for Law professors
    Susan Barker University of Toronto

  • Implementing Elsevier's PURE system at Waterloo
    Neil McKay University of Waterloo

  • Beyond evaluation into predictive analytics
    Ahmed Abdelnaby Elsevier

Presentations - Day Two

  • How B&RI is currently being applied at the National Research Council of Canada
    Dominique Charbonneau & Maude Lethiecq-Normand NRC

  • Academic library system for BRI metrics service
    Thane Chambers University of Alberta

  • Narratives of Science outreach via Social Media
    Yongtao Lin Natural Resources Canada

  • Profiling of International Collaborations
    Élise Anne Basque & Christine Brodeur École Polytechique

  • Researchers metrics database
    Carole Brault CHUQ - Université Laval

  • Connecting the dots
    Sara Rouhi

  • Our Data, Your Role: How does Web of Science data help you achieve research management goals?
    Marisa Ruccolo Clarivate

  • New repository strategies for research impact
    George Duimovich Carleton University

View the full BRIC 2018 program here (PDF).