BRIC - Bibliometrics and Research Impact Community

BRIC 2019

Hosted at Université Laval
May 15-16th, 2019

In 2019, we expanded our 2 day format to include an unaffiliated but related pre-conference workshop, plus planned for a larger attendance. We sold out quickly and once again exceeded our anticipated capacity. We were thrilled to see some more new attendees and speakers, including several from the United States, plus a few notable speakers from the federal government and the private sector. Our theme: Bibliometrics: Who Cares?

Organizers for BRIC 2019, held at the Université Laval COPL facility in Quebec City:

  • Eve Richard, Université Laval

  • Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

  • Jeffrey Demaine, CRKN

  • Deirdre Moore, Natural Resources Canada

  • George Duimovich, Carleton University

topics covered by speakers

Presentations- Day One **

  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Bibliotechtonics -- The transformation of scholarly communications and its effects on discovery and analytics [PDF]
    Éric Archambault, CEO and founder of Science-Metrix

  • Bibliometrics: who cares? [Panel presentations]
    Stéphane Mercure, Senior Evaluation Officer at Canadian Foundation for Innovation [PDF]
    Kevin Fitzgibbons, Executive Director, Policy and Planning, NSERC [PDF]
    Susan Morris, Director, Evaluation at NSERC & SSHRC
    Catherine Ste-Marie, Director, Change Management, Federal S&T Infrastructure Initiative (FSTII) [PDF]

  • Tri-Council tipping point: Ready for OpenScience in Canada? [PDF]
    Jeffrey Demaine, Canadian Research Knowledge Network

  • Demonstrating the importance of research engagement and open access using bibliometrics [PDF]
    Mike Taylor, Head of Metrics Development, Digital Science

  • University rankings, just a marketing stunt? [PDF]
    Christine Brodeur, Polytechnique Montréal

  • The use of bibliometrics in support to strategy definition exercises? [PDF]
    Guillaume Warnan, Elsevier

  • Bibliometrics driving research clusters at the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology [PDF]
    Lisa Pokrajac, University of Waterloo
    Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

  • Scholarly metrics in specialized settings: A view from the trenches
    Elaine Lasda, University at Albany
    Rebecca Welzenbach, University of Michigan Library

Presentations - Day Two **

  • Challenges in defining the right comparator/benchmark in research evaluation [panel]
    Christopher Manual, Senior Performance Analyst [PDF]
    Maude Lethiecq-Normand, Intelligence Analyst, National Research Council Canada, Library and Information Management Services [PDF]

  • Is there a need for the manual disambiguation of author names in bibliographic database when producing bibliometric statistics?
    David Campbell, Chief Scientist, Science-Metrix Inc.
    Alexandra Bédard-Vallée, Research Analyst, Science-Metrix Inc.
    Grégoire Côté,VP and General Manager, Science-Metrix Inc.
    Guillaume Warnan, Senior Consultant, Research Intel, Elsevier

  • Standardizing institutional affiliations in Canada – navigating the issues [panel]
    Andrea Szwajcer, University of Manitoba
    Maude Lethiecq-Normand, National Research Council Canada
    Catherine Lapalme, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Guillaume Warnan, Elsevier

  • What does it take to have precise indicators? [PDF]
    Held Barbosa de Souza, Observatoire des sciences et des technologies

  • Research assessment frameworks around the world [PDF]
    George Duimovich, Carleton University
    Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

  • Comparison between the impact factor values and the Scopus bibliometric indicators CiteScore, SJR and SNIP, for a set of 1800 journals distributed in six research area [PDF]
    Jean Rancourt, Université du Québec à Montréal

  • Mathematics ≠ Science: A study in citation rates over time [PDF]
    Samuel Hansen, University of Michigan

  • InCites at Queen’s - First Impressions & the Bigger Picture
    Rosarie Coughlan, Queen’s University

  • Not just a number: Simplify scholarly communication with ORCID [PDF]
    Jeffrey Demaine, Canadian Research Knowledge Network

  • Awareness, reality and incorporation of responsible use of metrics [Panel] [PDF]
    Thane Chambers, University of Alberta
    Heather Cunningham, University of Toronto
    Marisa Ruccolo, The Web of Science Group

** Presentations posted with permission of presenter(s).

View the full BRIC 2019 program here (PDF) and photo gallery from event here.

BRIC 2018

Hosted at Carleton University
May 15-16th, 2018

We expanded to a 2 day format for our 2018 event, but was the interest still there? Indeed, we sold out quickly and once again exceeded our anticipated capacity.

Organizers for BRIC 2018, held at Carleton University’s MacOdrum Library in Ottawa included:

  • Eve Richard, Université Laval

  • Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

  • Jeffrey Demaine, University of Waterloo

  • George Duimovich, Carleton University

topics covered by speakers

Presentations - Day One

  • Ethics in researcher Impact Services in UOttawa
    Jeanette Anne Hatherill, University of Ottawa

  • Sleeping Beauties at Waterloo
    Jeffrey Demaine University of Waterloo

  • Hands-on workshop
    Brooke Struck Science-Metrix

  • Data visualization
    Janice Kung & Thane Chambers, University of Alberta

  • Tracking academic research cited in patents
    Michael White Queens University

  • Implementing SciVal at a public sector research Library
    Beeta Pach Public Health Ontario

  • B-index for Law professors
    Susan Barker University of Toronto

  • Implementing Elsevier's PURE system at Waterloo
    Neil McKay University of Waterloo

  • Beyond evaluation into predictive analytics
    Ahmed Abdelnaby Elsevier

Presentations - Day Two

  • How B&RI is currently being applied at the National Research Council of Canada
    Dominique Charbonneau & Maude Lethiecq-Normand NRC

  • Academic library system for BRI metrics service
    Thane Chambers University of Alberta

  • Narratives of Science outreach via Social Media
    Yongtao Lin Natural Resources Canada

  • Profiling of International Collaborations
    Élise Anne Basque & Christine Brodeur École Polytechique

  • Researchers metrics database
    Carole Brault CHUQ - Université Laval

  • Connecting the dots
    Sara Rouhi

  • Our Data, Your Role: How does Web of Science data help you achieve research management goals?
    Marisa Ruccolo Clarivate

  • New repository strategies for research impact
    George Duimovich Carleton University

View the full BRIC 2018 program here (PDF).

BRIC 2017

Hosted at Carleton University
May 31st, 2017

Our inaugural event originated when two librarians reached out to each other to network and discuss bibliometric and research impact support services. With an eye to gather together a dozen or so librarians with common interests, Eve Richard (Université Laval) & Shannon Gordon (University of Waterloo) reached out to colleagues in other academic libraries and that’s how BRIC 2017 was born. Originally anticipating a small group to show up, we instead were able to quickly assemble close to 50 persons from diverse academic and library settings from across Canada.

Organizers for BRIC 2017, held at Carleton University’s MacOdrum Library in Ottawa included:

  • Eve Richard, Université Laval

  • Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

  • Jane Burpee, McGill University

  • Held Barbosa De Souza, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

  • George Duimovich, Carleton University

topics covered by speakers

Theme - Aggregating different levels of bibliometric & research impact (BRI) data

  • Bibliometric & research impact support at Concordia University Library
    Krista Alexander, Concordia University & Sean McLaughlin, Concordia University

  • Healthy partnership: Assessing engineers’ and physicians’ collaborations
    Élise Anne Basque, Polytechnique de Montréal

  • Is that good? The use of bibliometrics and research impact data for decision support in a research hospital setting
    Ruth Cawdron, University Health Network

Lightning talks - Contextual stories about our users

  • BRI & the international landscape – a snapshot
    Rosarie Coughlan, Queen’s University

  • Bibliometrics at ÉTS Library: Opportunities that lead to polyvalent services
    Held De Souza, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

  • Narratives from networks: Telling stories with citations
    Jeffrey Demaine, MLIS

  • Above and beyond the journal impact factor: Clarivate’s unique and normalized metrics following the principles of the Leiden Manifesto
    Marisa Ruccolo,Clarivate Analytics

  • Measuring the observable influence of health-related research within and beyond academia (OIWABA)
    Christopher Manuel, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Theme - BRI information literacy for diverse campus stakeholders

  • Bibliometric & research impact information literacy: Where we're at and where we're going
    Krista Alexander, Concordia University

  • First encounter: Health Sciences undergrads meet research impact metrics
    Natalie Clairoux, Université de Montréal

  • Research intelligence tools: Piloting the pertinence of an alternative measurement framework
    Maria Teresa Fernandez de Castro, Natural Resources Canada

Reflecting on unique BRI metrics

  • Identifiers, repositories & metrics
    George Duimovich, Carleton University

  • Bibliometric indicators for Law professors
    Eve Richard, Université Laval

Ethics & raising awareness of BRI issues (panel discussion)

  • Panelists: Ethics & raising awareness of BRI

    • Heloise Emdon, Carleton University Research Office (CURO)

    • Shannon Gordon, University of Waterloo

    • Alexandra Kohn, McGill University

View the full BRIC 2017 program here (PDF).